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I received a ruling or a court order, what can I do?

What does the ruling/court order mean?
The judge has determined that you are required to pay a claim. However, you may also need to do, or refrain from doing, certain other things. This is called a ruling. Our bailiffs serve you this ruling to inform you that you will need to pay a claim. The bailiff also tells (‘orders’) you that you must comply with the instructions of the judge.

A court order means that you are required to pay, without you having visited the court. These orders have the same legal effect as a ruling by a court. If you fail to voluntarily observe the instructions of the judge, Bosveld may, by law, ensure that you pay what you are ordered to. For example by claiming part of your income or other properties. The bailiff does so by means of attachment. You must also bear the costs of the court order and attachment.

What can I do when I have received a ruling or court order? 
It is very important to pay the amount to our firm on time. The ruling or court order clearly states which amount must be paid when. Check our payment options here.

Can I pay later, or conclude a payment plan after receiving a ruling or court order?
Are you unable to pay the full amount at once? You may propose a payment plan to us. In order to agree on a payment plan, we ask you to share information about your income, expenses, and any other debts with us. 

Are you unexpectedly unable to comply with a payment plan? Call us as soon as possible at 033 - 47 00 000 so that we can find a solution together. If you fail to contact us on time and do not comply with the payment plan, it will expire and you will not be able to agree on a new plan.