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I have received a summons, what can I do?

I have received a summons; what is a summons, and what can I do?

Do you have a question about an official document delivered or left at your home by one of our bailiffs? We have set out what you can do below.

What is a summons? 

A summons is an official, written notice to appear before the court. A summons is served to you by a bailiff. When he or she serves the summons to you, he or she will explain what this entails and what you must do. Are you not at home? The bailiff will serve the summons to a person you share a household with or someone else at home at that time. Is nobody home? The bailiff will leave the summons in a closed envelope.

What does the summons contain?

The summons always lists the time and date of your hearing. A summons is an official letter summoning you to a court. The summons will state what somebody claims, why they are claiming this, the available evidence, and, sometimes, also why you receive this letter. 

What can I do when I have received a summons?

Do you want to prevent the hearing? This is only possible if you pay the entire amount, including interest and other costs, to our firm no later than 5 days before the hearing date. Check the payment options here.  

Can I arrange a payment plan after receiving the summons?

You can only arrange a payment plan if you are truly unable to pay the entire amount, including interest and other costs, at once. You can submit a proposal for a payment plan, but we will require insight into your financial situation. You can find more information about arranging a payment plan here.

Please note: Even if we arrange a payment plan with you, the hearing will still take place on the listed date.

I disagree with the summons, what can I do?

You can tell the judge that you disagree with the summons. Do you want to do so yourself? You will need to attend the hearing on the listed date. You can also send a letter to the court before the date of the hearing. Explain why you disagree with the summons in this letter.

What if you do nothing? The judge will render a ruling because you have received the summons from our bailiff.