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About Bosveld

Entrepreneurship, innovation, and enthusiasm…

this is what we have pursued since our incorporation in 1982. People are paramount at us. Starting with our employees, because enthusiastic employees lead to enthusiastic customers! We like to share the importance of this human approach. Collection is not only a very important part of the after-sales process, but it also affects your professional reputation.

Finding the right solution together is key. Not only for our customers, but also for their customers.

I can grow faster with my own capital ...

is a feeling all entrepreneurs share. This is why not having access to your own funds is so annoying. Let alone the funds that can be collected much more rapidly by, for example, invoicing at the right times. By ensuring the availability of your own funds, we help realise ambitions. We contribute ideas as a strategic business partner, because why should you do everything alone?

“Bosveld has the privileges that perfectly complement our work”
Eveline Jansen, Link Asset Services

We do not make things more difficult than they are...

and make sure that the collection process takes place as efficiently as possible. We start our collaboration with a strategic session. This enables us to understand any situation and determine the best way we can offer help together. We are only satisfied once the goals have been achieved.

Our customers try to resolve situations with their customers themselves ...

but they do not always have the privileges needed to successfully resolve their cases. Because we are not only a collection agency, but also a bailiff partner, we can carry out the necessary work. This offers an added value to our customers which enables them to achieve their goals ... and even expand them!

Growth and progress ...

is what we want to achieve together with our customers. Access to own capital, finding opportunities for even faster collection, offering tools for a personal approach, and identifying opportunities ... that is what we pursue!


Ben van Zanten, General Director – Owner 
Jeroen van de Haar, Director – Owner 



We can offer you the best tip for faster collection: a personal approach. We have prepared a roadmap to help you adopt this approach with your team. “Roadmap: faster collection using a personal approach”. This roadmap teaches you about the various personalities of your customers, how you can use these to collect your funds faster, and offers you specific tips on how to apply a personal approach in practice.

Did you know that the creditors of our customers were 12.7% more successful within 6 months of applying a personal approach? Don't wait any longer and download our roadmap package!