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What are the collection costs?

Which costs may the bailiff charge?

The costs which a bailiff may charge to you are listed in the Btag (Dutch Bailiffs’ Fees Decree). The bailiff may charge you for actions like serving a summons, serving a ruling, and levying attachment. This also applies to costs for collection activities, for example.

What are collection costs?

The Dutch Act on the Standardisation of Extrajudicial Collection Costs has been in force since 1 July 2012 (also called the Dutch Act on Collection Costs, or wik). This Act arranges the amount of the collection costs based on a table.

The collection costs are calculated as a percentage of the amount due, with the percentage decreasing as the claim increases. Collection costs will be due once 14 days have passed after receipt of the reminder.


Maximum percentage

Minimum collection costs fee

Maximum collection costs fee


On the first €2,500





On the next €2,500





On the next €5,000





On the next €190,000





>€200,0000 to € 1,000,000