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Calculate collection costs

As of July 1, 2012, the Extrajudicial Collection Costs Standardization Act (also known as the Collection Costs Act or WIK) applies. This act regulates the level of collection costs by law in a graduated scale. You can calculate your collection costs easily and directly, using our WIK calculator at the bottom of this page.

WIK calculator

Use the calculator below to calculate the collection costs that may be charged on an outstanding invoice. Enter the principal amount of your outstanding invoice to calculate the collection costs.

Amount of outstanding invoice

Principal AmountMaximum PercentageMinimum Collection FeeMaximum Collection FeeCumulative Costs
On the first €2.500,-15%€40,-€375,-€375,-
On the following €2.500,-10%€250,-€625,-
On the following €5.000,-5%€250,-€875,-
On the following €190.000,-1%€1.900,-€2.775,-
>€200.000,- t/m €1.000.000,-0,5%€4.000,-€6.775,-
* All prices shown are exclusive of VAT.