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I have already paid

Have you already paid, but are still receiving letters or emails from us? There may be various reasons for this..

  • Processing your payment may take some time. The letter may have been sent when your payment was not yet processed. To make sure, please contact us or send us a copy of your proof of your payment. Make sure to state your case number. You can contact us by email at info_at_bosveld.nl.
  • The amount mentioned in the letter is the balance that was due at the moment the letter was created. This balance will not include any additional bailiff's costs that were incurred later. This means that there may still be an amount due. 
  • Your payment may have referred to an incorrect case number or have been made to an incorrect bank account.

Our bank account number: IBAN NL07 RABO 0162 4462 17
Do you want to be sure that your payment has been received? Please contact contact us.